Tax Credits International’s goal is to simplify the tax credit process for you by providing current legislation, identifying appropriate tax credits, and managing the paperwork, with a minimal hit to your resources.  In short, we identify tax credits for you and handle all aspects of the transfer, so that you can realize substantial tax savings in as many states as possible, with very little effort on your part.

Tax Credits not only provides tax savings opportunities, their attentive ability to stay in touch and understand your company’s needs or limitations, and advise you accordingly, brings a sense of comfort to want to work with them.”   Christine Cudney, Director of Tax, Ameren Corporation

Why purchase state tax credits?  Legislation providing for tradeable tax credits allows companies who earn credits to sell them to other taxpaying companies or individuals at a discount.  These tax credits allow the buyer to reduce net liability to the state.  Because of the economic stimulus resulting from local filming, many states have enacted Film Production Incentive Programs to lure film-making to their states. Because the studios do not typically pay taxes in multiple states, we sell their earned credits to other taxpayers, typically large corporations.  These credits are purchased at a discount, benefit to the buyer is tax savings. Each state has its own rules regarding use of purchased credits.  We provide the most current information to buyers on every trade.

“I have worked with Tax Transfer Corporation and Tax Credits a number of times in recent years and have found them easy to deal with, true to their word and very good at what they do. As a consequence, I look forward to working with them again in the future.” — Steven Lapidus, Tax Counsel, PSEG

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The following have tradeable tax credit programs (of varying types and attributes): Alaska, California, Connecticut, Dominican Republic, Florida,Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, and West Virginia with more expected in the coming months.

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