As experts in the marketability and transferability of film tax credits, our professionals are equipped to help you achieve the best program possible.

“Tax Credits is clearly committed to the long-term success of Pennsylvania’s film tax credit program, Creativity in Focus. They have made valuable legislative proposals and have been instrumental in the formulation of guidelines that target best practices and clarity. Thanks to the expertise and support of Tax Credits International, Creativity in Focus maximizes the interests of producers, tax credit buyers, and the Commonwealth, making it one of the best programs in the country.”Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director, Greater Philadelphia Film Office

The professionals of Tax Credits International have been actively involved in the transferable tax credit marketplace for over 15 years. With State tax incentive programs evolving constantly, we have learned which key components work best and which result in unintended consequences that can arise from poorly worded legislation. We have a complete understanding of every aspect of the transferability of credits and make sound recommendations that balance the interests of the State, the Buyer and the Seller. Tax Credits International assists in the development of a professional and reliable tax credit market, one state at a time, utilizing our strong ethics and knowledge of the market.

As your “go-to” resource, we will first evaluate the specifics of your state by reviewing revenue reports and other financial information. The goals of your program will be considered in light of other types of tax credits already in existence. Upon conclusion of our analysis, we will draft our recommendation in a bill-ready format. Our goal is to create a transparent, professional and reliable film tax credit marketplace for all parties.

If you are a Film Commissioner or Legislator in a state seeking to establish or improve a competitive transferable tax credit program, please contact us at (787) 525-8050 today. Our services are free and discreet.

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