Tax Credits not only provides tax savings opportunities, their attentive ability to stay in touch and understand your company’s needs or limitations, and advise you accordingly, brings a sense of comfort to want to work with them.”  – Christine Cudney, Director of Tax, Ameren Corporation


“Tax Credits is clearly committed to the long-term success of Pennsylvania’s film tax credit program, Creativity in Focus.  They have made valuable legislative proposals and have been instrumental in the formulation of guidelines that target best practices and clarity.  Thanks to the expertise and support of Tax Credits, Creativity in Focus maximizes the interests of producers, tax credit buyers, and the Commonwealth, making it one of the best programs in the country.”  – Sharon Pinkenson, Executive Director, Greater Philadelphia Film Office


“During my 35 year tenure with Paramount Pictures, I worked with countless “brokers” in the sale of our film tax credits.  Tax Credits always stood out as the most competent Placement Specialist…providing exemplary service and unparalleled expertise.  I felt like they were a part of our team, which is why I joined their team as a Consultant when I retired from Paramount in 2009.” — Alan Bailey, former Sr. VP and Treasurer, Paramount Pictures 

“I have worked with Tax Transfer Corporation and Tax Credits a number of times in recent years and have found them easy to deal with, true to their word and very good at what they do. As a consequence, I look forward to working with them again in the future.”
— Steven Lapidus, Tax Counsel, PSEG

“Tax Credits has consistently provided top level service to our company for the past seven years we have been participants in the Illinois Tax Credit program.  They are dependable and professional, and work well with all Illinois Film Office personnel.”
– Peter Walker, Partner, Towers Productions, LLC

Transactions worth mentioning:

Tax Credits participated in several transactions, whereby the Seller was required by a lender to produce a Purchase Agreement for purposes of securing a loan against a to-be-issued film tax credit.  Tax Credits was able to contract with a buyer at superior rates, enabling the lender to advance cash against the credits, which provided the studio with capital to make the popular feature film.

Tax Credits was summoned by a major studio to place in excess of $20 million with a single buyer.   After careful evaluation of it buying “universe”, Tax Credits selected the appropriate buyer, which, after several weeks of contract negotiation, did, in fact purchase the entire lot, minimizing legal and transactional costs for all parties.

By providing yield analyses to its buyer, Tax Credits was able to bridge credit purchase over two tax years, allowing the buyers to adjust estimated payments and even advance cash to the following tax period.  The effective yield of this tax credit purchase far exceeded comparable “investments” and the buyer was able to manage its cash more effectively.

An individual with a large state tax liability was able to safely purchase credits in excess of its actual liability, resulting in a 42% yield, as a result of a favorable tax ruling, obtained by Tax Credits.

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